About Dr Neha Gupta

Dr Neha Gupta is Infectious Diseases Physician from the first batch of Qualified FNB Infectious Diseases Specialist in India.

Dr. Neha Gupta is from the first batch of qualified Infectious Diseases (ID) specialists in India. She has a global experience in diagnosis and management of fever and infections across various specialities.

Dr. Gupta’s specialities include:- Transplant ID, Cardiology, Bone & Joint, Neurology & Neurosurgery, Oncology, Nephrology, critically-ill patients, infections related to Obstetrics & Gynaecology, TB [& Drug resistant TB ], HIV & culture-negative `title2`infections) and is an expert in antibiotics & antifungal drugs.

Dr. Neha Gupta has been a part of the first heart transplant in Medanta and is involved in the care of the transplant recipients. She is an expert in HIV Medicine and also has certificate of achievement from John Hopkin’s University & HIVMAI. She has a few book chapters, publications in prestigious journals & poster presentation in national & international conferences-Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) & European Society Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases (ESCMID). She is also invited as a regular faculty in the annual Infectious Diseases Certificate Course (IDCC) at the P.D. Hinduja National Hospital, Mumbai & at various national Infectious Diseases Conferences (CIDSCON) and ID updates.

More About Dr Neha Gupta

Dr. Neha Gupta has a wide experience in diagnosis and management of clinical infections from national & international institutions which have important applications in every field of medicine and surgery.

Besides dealing with common infections like malaria, dengue, enteric fever, leptospirosis, tuberculosis, Dr Gupta has acquired the skills to deal with infections due to multi-drug resistant organisms (Gram-positive, Gram-negative infections, MDR, XDR, and XXDR TB). In addition she has also been involved in management of orthopedic infections, prosthesis and implant-related infections. She has been trained in management of infections in oncology, transplant recipients, and critically ill patients. She has sound knowledge of viral infections, fungal infections, tropical medicine, vaccination and travel medicine.

  • Dr. Gupta has recently received Healthcare Award from the Director General Health Services of India & Government of India for promoting health & wellness in 2016.
  • Dr. Gupta has had the opportunity to initiate ID fellowship in Medanta through an educational grant. She had also a member of the GATI foundation in Dehradun.
  • Among the achievements, she has also received Pride Of India from Mrs. India, Outstanding Indian Achiever Accomplishment In 2021 from Queen Of The World, India. She has also conducted various national conferences including CIDSCON in 2015 & 2021.

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Medical Qualifications

Certificate of Achievement – John Hopkin’s University USA & HIV MAI in 2015

FNB Infectious Diseases- National Board of Examination (2 years) in July 2012

Infectious Diseases Observership - Wayne state University, Detroit, Sept-Oct 2012

IDSA-FITE (USA) (Infectious Diseases Society of America- Fellow In training Examination), IDSA Feb 2012

Infectious Diseases Observership CMC, Vellore Aug-Sept 2011

Infectious Diseases Fellowship (2 years) P. D. Hinduja National Hospital & MRC, Mumbai May 2011

MD (Gen-Medicine) Barkatullah University, Bhopal May 2008

RGUHS, Karnataka Dr B. R Ambedkar Medical College, Bangalore June 2003